Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sunday

So, yes, it's been FOREVER since I've posted. And after all my good intentions last May to post more often too! The longer I went without posting, the more things there were to update on, so the more I procrastinated on doing so. So I'm jumping back into the mix with only one major update (which everyone who reads this already knows!)

We're having a kid in February! :-)

My posting negligence over the summer was mostly due to the fact that I felt like the bottom of a garbage dumpster for 2 months... fortunately that let up just as I was heading back to school for another year of teaching. But pretty much all of June and July I spent on the couch or in bed, reading or watching TV and trying to find things to eat that didn't make me feel worse. Blech. So much for all my good intentions for projects to do over the summer!

But 2nd trimester came, and I DID feel better, just as many of the books promised... I'm glad I wasn't one of the sick-for-9-months types! Now 10 weeks of school have gone by and Madeleine's due date (Feb 1st) draws ever closer. Brad and I alternate between being excited and freaking out at how much there is to get ready before then!

In the meantime, though, I'm enjoying today as a nice lazy Sunday. I get tomorrow off work (thanks, Chris Columbus!) and thus can put off much of my work until then. :-) Yay for free time to read, even if all my magazines these days are filled with election-overload junk. Only 3 more weeks and they can stop analyzing the election and start analyzing the potential performance of whoever is going to be our next president. :-P

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