Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Trying too hard to copy?

Ha! So my new resolution didn't last long, but I'm going to try to catch up. I'm about to start the school day, so this won't be long, but I wanted to point out this article that I read yesterday. It discusses how 'Christian' culture does weak copies of most 'mainstream' stuff, rather than having much that's distinctive or original about it. From romance novels, to t-shirts, to a TV show that is a Christian version of Punk'd (!), Christian culture tries to take something from mainstream culture and 'clean it up'; however, it mostly comes off as a weak imitation of the real thing. I don't know what truly original Christian culture would look like, although I know a lot of churches right now are working to try and figure that out, but it's an excellent point to consider. I'd like to think on this and post more later. Thoughts, anyone?

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Post a Day in the Month of May

Look, it's a post! Since my frequency of posting lately has been at about the rate of the retun of Haley's Comet, I'm going to try to do better this month. The school year is almost done, so the dark and endless tunnel now has a light at the end of it- huzzah!- and I'm blinking my eyes and starting to think about the wide world again. Since my plan to produce deep, thought-provoking posts on a regular basis has, er, failed, I'm going to try to just spit out some randomness each day this month. If something strikes your fancy, please drop a comment! :-)

Thought of the day: It's amazing how much difference the amount of sleep I get corresponds to how well the succeeding days go. Especially with my students, if I'm well-rested, I have more patience and creativity in dealing with stuff. If I'm sleep-deprived... not so much. And it's quite remarkable that, knowing this full well, it's still really hard for me to get to bed early. 9 pm, and I think to myself, I'm not doing so bad... I'm good to go for another couple hours... then 5:30 am comes around and I remember anew how wrong I was. Sigh. :-)