Saturday, October 21, 2006


This is a brief peek above the waves through my periscope, as I prepare to re-submerge and continue my foray through the busy school year. I really have nothing of substance to say in this post, other than that I'm once again ashamed of my sorry lack of posting. I know I'm always disappointed when I go to other peoples' blogs, and they haven't posted in ages. So for my handful of readers, thanks for sticking around! A quick snapshot of my last few weeks:
-I somehow landed myself on 6 (!) committees at school, each of which has required meetings and other obligations
-I'm trying to condense a unit on government, which I taught last year in 10 weeks, into about 5 weeks
-My team and I met with 30 different parents over the last 2 days
-I'm sick with some throat malady (2nd time being sick in 4 weeks :-P )
-My cooking has fallen to a mostly microwaveable level (shame on me) but somehow I'm still finding time for at least a little bit of reading time each day (even more shame!)
Despite my whining about how busy my job keeps me, and my feelings of frustration for not having time for things I'd rather be doing (or not doing; just contemplating life), God is helping me to see that I am being faithful to where I've been placed right now. I can say that I am doing my best at my job and putting great effort into it. I'm trying to remember to actively work 'as to the Lord, and not to men'. Some days it's working; others I fall back into whining again. But God's being patient with me, as usual. :-)