Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random End-of-November Thoughts

I'm feeling too scatterbrained right now for any sort of regular post, so here's a bit of what's swirling in my brain. Note: what's swirling in my brain is of very little consequence to mankind. :-)

***December is going to be a CRAZY busy month, between holiday stuff, prenatal classes, and baby showers.

***Folding and putting away tiny little onesies yesterday made this whole baby thing suddenly very real! Equal parts nervousness and excitement.

***The fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to finances and job stability, is one of my major weaknesses. God knows this and is giving me lots of chances to learn to trust Him in those circumstances. I'm trying to be grateful for that! :-)

***With all President-elect Obama's preparations for taking office and his Cabinet picks, I'm very curious to see what his first couple months in office will look like.

***I really enjoy spending time with my parents. I'm sad that I live far away from them now, but it's fun when they (or Brad and I) visit and we can spend some concentrated time together.

***The politics of education, and district policies, really make me want to get out of this profession sometimes.

***Cranberry sauce and olives at Thanksgiving are still the best part of the meal!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008

Just a quick post, as there are lesson plans to be done and dishes to be washed.... We had a great time on Friday night hanging out with our friends at the Mendoza's Halloween party. And I was very pleased with my costume- it was easy to make and it was a pun, both of which made me happy. :-) (I don't have any pictures at the moment, because we couldn't find our camera, but I will see if I can track some down from someone else) But here's my costume... I wore all black, and made a 'pause' sign (like on a remote) out of felt. I pinned it to my stomach, which made me...

A pregnant pause!

Hee, hee. :-) I wish I could say I thought of that myself, but I found the idea online. It made a lot of people laugh though! :-)