Saturday, September 08, 2007

Life Update, in Haiku

Boxes and boxes
Making high walls around me
Why, why so much stuff?

Slowly diminished
Order returning to our
New (gently used) condo

Cat under the bed
Peeking nose out, slowly, scared
Venturing downstairs

Two weeks later, cat
Prowls and yowls at night, waking
Me in the darkness

Up stairs, down stairs, legs
Getting exercise as I
Carrry books and books

Dance of joy as now
House is becoming clean, neat
Happy here with Brad

Students file in and
Out of school, learning, laughing
I grade their papers

Teaching done at one
Not as rushed as last year, I.
More time to plan, think

This year's kids are nice
Is it bad to say I like
These new ones better?




Dave said...

So with Haiku here
we have now your latest news
have fun at your place

-- DJB said...

Is this really the real Peggy Parker from the famous (infamous?) Team Mongolia 2000? . . . so good to hear from you, Margaret . . . and thanks for checking out my blog (aren't blogs made for "snooping?") So yeah, we're out here in St. Louis, Missouri (Mizz-ery) for school . . . I am in Medical School at St. Louis University (although currently on leave of absence to hang out with the kid while Jess finishes school) and Jess is getting her masters degree to be a Physician Assistant. She graduates in December. Apart from our friends dying, we are doing pretty well (does it make you nervous yet to have been part of the Mongolia team? . . .). Hope you're well. Keep in touch via the blog . . . or we both have Facebook pages if you are into that sort of thing.