Saturday, September 22, 2007

5 Days' Countdown

Now that the simultaneous events of starting the school year and moving to our new place are done, never let it be said that there's a dull moment around here. In less than a week, I will be doing something that will turn out to be either very cool or very foolish, depending on my performance. My dear sibling, my baby brother, has invited me to come on an excursion up Mt. Whitney. Now, this is not Kenneth's first time doing this; he and his friends have climbed it several times, on top of numerous other trips scampering around the Sierra Nevadas. A four-day hiking expedition is a walk in the park for him, and he and his pals usually have fun by seeing how much time they can shave off their estimated time. This trip, however, he's specifically gearing towards hiking newbies and non-backpackers, which is the only reason I was even considered.
So, this coming weekend, I will be trekking (slogging? dragging?) up a 14,000+ mountain, with 60 pounds on my back. My companion on this adventure, besides Kenneth and some California friends, will be a fellow Phonecian. No, not my husband- the thought of having to leave his computer for 4 days, and being dragged into the dusty wilderness makes him wince. (Whenever I bring up stuff like this, there's always a haunted look in his face, because he would do it if I asked him to. He's offered in the past to give up the Internet if I wanted him to, which is the most perfect example I've ever seen of True Love. I'm so lucky to have him! <3) Anyway, it's my honorary sibling, my comrade-in-tent, my sister-in-law Stacy that is coming too. We've been making numerous trips to REI and Sports Authority to stock up on supplies these past few weeks, and tomorrow we're heading up to Prescott to take a practice hike through some actual trees.
World-class procrastinator that I am, it doesn't matter that this has been lined up for 4 months. My training has been sadly lacking this past month. Moving and starting school at the same time has a funny way of sucking up one's time; however, I seem to always find time for Newsweek, if not a jog. So it will need to be sheer willpower, and some luck, to get me up that mountain. Well, and my baby brother's expert guidance. Fortunately, he seems to have forgotten the abuse I inflicted on him as a child, and promises to get me back in one piece. So- up the mountain!
I'll let you know how it went- either a post on here, or directions to which hospital I'm at.


Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of Matt Redman's song, "Lead Us Up The Mountain." We're going to get our butts kicked.

Dave said...

Newbies, huh. Well, just remember that two strategies exist on breaking in newbies. Taking it easy and Marines boot camp. I would expect more of the latter. You are, after all, taking on Mt Whitney for a first time out.

Veronica said...

You are a better woman than I...No way anyone would get me on a 4-day back-packing/camping/hiking trip!! Nor would they try... :) said...

Good luck . . . I'm excited for you that you get to experience a hike like that. I did the Whitney hike the fall after our Mongolia trip . . . it's a gorgeous area, one I wish I had the (more immediate) opportunity to return to. You'll do fine . . . just enjoy the views and keep your mind off the thin air.