Sunday, December 11, 2005


That's always been one of my favorite written expressions (a favorite of Snoopy when he doesn't like something, in the Peanuts comic). This weekend it really fit. I was sucker-punched by some really nasty virus- cold, fever, aches, dizzy, the whole bit. And though I usually get over those in 24 hours, this one had me down for 2 whole days, plus the getting-sick and getting-better days on each end. Today I feel better but my sinuses are still having major problems (upon which I will not expound, to the relief of the reader). Fortunately I was able to pull together a sub lesson for Friday on Thursday night, because I could feel myself getting worse, so tomorrow morning I will see what awaits me back at school. Being a teacher is a bit like being a parent, when it comes to subs- they can pull stunts with me, because I'm their teacher and will put 'em in their place. But they better be angels when someone else is babysitting, or I'll knock some heads together!
That's my attempt at being Tough Teacher. :-) Anyway, watch out for a nasty cold & flu bug going around!

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