Sunday, October 02, 2005

Why join the chorus?

So I'm finally taking the plunge, and starting a blog. As always, I'm about 2 years behind the cutting edge of new stuff to do, which is about as long as it takes me to hear about something, mull it over, watch a lot of other people do it, and then get in on the action. So why now? I guess I'm hoping for a few things out of this. First, that I'll be able to work through stuff that I'm processing and thinking about by having to write it. I'm lousy at journaling, but spend way too much time on the internet anyway, so hopefully I'll do this more often. Secondly, I hope it makes me a little bit of a better writer. I have a hard time getting my thoughts from my head to the paper in a form that I like, so this falls under the theory of practice, practice. Third, I've poked around lots of blogs for a long time now, reaping the benefits of other peoples' experiences and musings, rarely commenting, just observing. I'd like to put a little bit out instead of always taking in (although I'm going to be a chicken and tell very few people about this at first). And finally (fourthly, I guess), I want to have another way to praise God for His grace... without which I would be horribly lost. Hence the working title.
So I sally forth into the thicket of the blogosphere!

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