Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Black Mark, Literally

See, I knew this would happen. I've only had this blog a couple weeks, and I'm already procrastinating on posting. No, not procrastinating, just getting to the end of the day with every drop of energy drained from my body and lacking the mental capacity to come up with a single original thought. But that's okay, because this blog is totally mine, and I am not going to impose any artificial quotas or standards of publication on myself...I think.

So at the moment HH (hottie husband) is in the kitchen, scrubbing with all his might at yet another pot on which I've inflicted bodily harm. My list of bloopers and accidents in the kitchen, already a list of mighty proportions, has just had another entry added to it. (By the way, lest the reader think that I foist my mistakes onto HH to clean up, I told him to just let the pan soak for a good long while but he seems bound and determined to break its will, dang it!) This mistake wasn't even a cooking one, per se. See, years ago I read that you can make your house smell homey and cozy and autumnal by cooking a pot of apple juice or cider and cloves. Yesterday the apartment had a musty funk, so we cleaned and took out the trash, but I put on an apple and cloves pot to cook afterwards, and it worked like a charm. A wonderful, homey smell wafted throughout the house. I made sure to check it from time to time and add more liquid when it started to get low. So tonight I put it on again, to waft its odor while we enjoyed a nice evening at home. It worked like a charm till I noticed that the cozy smell was turning into more of a charred smell. I dashed into the kitchen to find the juice boiled out and the pot filled with a bubbly, crystallizing black mass (which would have smelled great were it not for the burned factor, I'm sure). 15 minutes later, and HH has just now finished scrubbing it clean.
Not to be deterred by failure, however, I've just put on a new batch to simmer and take away the burned smell of the last one. Never surrender!

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