Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is anyone lurking?

So, I'd like to find something out, if you'll help me. I know I'm a really slow blogger, and I update this site at the speed of snail (probably even slower). So I need some motivation- a kick in the pants, as it were. One motivating factor would be knowing that there are people who do look at this blog every once in a while. I am a 'blog lurker' myself, and I read plenty of blogs without ever leaving a comment, so I wonder if there's anyone lurking around mine. Therefore- if you stop by this blog in the next 2 weeks (till May 8th), will you leave a comment, please? If you happen to come by more than once, please leave a comment for each visit.

If you need inspiration to comment, here is a question for you: What is your favorite book?

Thanks, friends!


Dave said...

I lurketh.

Actually I have you bookmarked with an RSS feed, so I know every time you update.

StaciJoy said...

I, too, am a nasty lurker :) But I like coming by and I'll try to be better about commenting! How are you?

veronica said...

I am not a lurker. (At least not on this site!) But, here's my comment so you know I'm reading. :)
And, as for the other part of the "assignment":
My (current) favorite book is Feminine Appeal, by Carolyn Mahaney. (All-time favorites would have the names John Piper or Elisabeth Elliot attached to them.)

Anonymous said...

I lurk every couple of days and am thrilled every time there is new reading material!

Brad said...

I lurk. Not sure if I could nail it down to just one book though.

Anonymous said...

Still lurking.

Kenneth said...

Hey Sister! I'm lurking now. I didn't even know about this thing till you sent out the email about the new hair color. Its definitely a big chance, but it looks good! I see that you had to copy me once again, this time with hair color. I'll be adding the feed so I can stay updated.

Josiah said...

I lurk sometimes! Plus! I think that your new hair color is kind of fun!

As far as favorite book - it's much too hard to say, but I greatly enjoy Leaves of Grass, and pick it up semi regularly.

Elzabet said...

I'm so very slack in my blog lurkage.

Lessee, my favorite book...Hmmm. So many to choose from, so little time. I guess I shall go with a book I can read over and over and never get bored of ((not that there aren't multitudes of those as well but I digress. Aren't tangents fun? I never understood tangents when I took geometry but when I apply them in real life, I definitely do now.

Anyway...what was the question?