Monday, February 06, 2006

Argh! I'm such a horrible post-er! (Didn't seem quite right not to hypenate that or I'd sound like a piece of wall art). I'm around, really I am, but it's so much easier just to read other people's work than to put out my own. Although, dear reader, if you're in the mood for web-browsing too, here are some of the random readings I've been doing lately:

Chromasia- a photo-blog my husband showed me. Check out the Portraiture- Children gallery especially.

Makoto Fujimura- World Magazine's Daniel of the Year (for bringing biblical values into the secular marketplace). His Water Flames paintings look amazing- I wish there was a better gallery online.

East Coast Counselor- this woman pours her heart into one of the most difficult jobs around, working with mentally unstable adults.

Freewheeling Bike Tours- completely out of the question financially, but so much fun to dream about!

Angela's Ashes- as usual, I'm discovering a good bestseller about 5 years too late. Very well written, with a great sense of ironic humor cutting through the aching sadness of circumstances.

NYC Tourism- with our spring break trip coming up, the biggest problem will be deciding what to see- so much great stuff!

You can see why I'm too distracted to post. :-)

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